Customer orientation

  • Optimal realization and fulfillment of our customers’ requirements and expectations
  • Service quality which focuses on the customers’ requirements
  • Preventive measures to avoid the customer’s disaffection
  • Ideal focus of the needed means as well as the employee’s qualifications and competences on the supplied service



  • Harmony within the organization
  • Transparent operational and organizational structure
  • Continuing optimization of the QM-System
  • Constant information flow of the quality policy and its aims for every employee, no matter of which hierarchy level
  • Enhancement of the employee’s awareness for the quality of all services and products as well as functions and processes
  • Work-satisfaction, social security, social integration and personal development of staff
  • Expansion of technical know-how and fostering of each employees’ further development

Focus on the future

  • Realization of economically adequate profits
  • Quick reaction to market changes
  • Development of long-term market strategies
  • Constant growth and efficiency as a base for entrepreneurial acting
  • Implementation of an efficient quality-management-system
  • Supervision of each division through the revenue and expense accounting

Environmental orientation

  • Ideal consideration of safety aspects
  • Maximum service quality by using modern techniques

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